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Timothy Vanderweert, BA, MA, JD

Timothy Vanderweert is a 1990 graduate of the School of Law of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he attended as a Van Hecke Scholar. Prior to attending law school, Mr. Vanderweert earned degrees in the humanities from Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Mr. Vanderweert has practiced law since 1990. He devotes his legal practice exclusively to DWI/DUI and traffic cases. During that time, Mr. Vanderweert has represented more than 20,000 clients. These have included numerous DWI cases that presented challenging legal issues and significant obstacles, and he has successfully defended many clients who were advised by others to simply plead guilty.

For aggressive and determined defense representation, turn to Timothy Vanderweert, Attorney at Law.

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Donna Kay Smith, BA, M.Ed, M.Div, CRC

Donna Kay Smith is a graduate of Penn State University in State College, PA with a BA and M.Ed in Rehabilitation Counseling. She also obtained an M.Div from Duke University in 1996. She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and spent 12 years with the Chapel Hill Police Department as a victim advocate and crisis counselor.

 Other work experiences include work as a court liaison for victims of domestic violence, director of agencies which specialize in drug and alcohol use, domestic violence, homelessness, and volunteer care-giving. She has worked as a rehabilitation specialist/case manager for workers compensation insurance companies, and has been self-employed as a consultant to non-profit agencies.

 She brings her management experience and skills in drug and alcohol use and experience as a court liaison and with the police department to her role as paralegal and office manager for the Vanderweert law firm.

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  2. I highly recommend Timothy Vanderweert for DUI and speeding cases

    Posted by Billy, a DUI client,  Flag

    I received a speeding ticket and a DUI in Durham last summer, within one month of each other. After extensively searching for a lawyer to represent me for both cases, I chose Mr. Vanderweert. He did not push me to hire him in the same fashion that many other attorneys did. He seemed very knowledgeable and experienced over the phone, and he offered to meet me to discuss the details of my case, even before I hired him. Mr. Vanderweert laid out the many possible outcomes of my case, and explained the different strategies we could use. He was also very assuring, which helped because I was facing up to a year in prison for a level two DUI. My case was in Durham County, which has possibly the highest DUI conviction rate in the state. 
    His strategy was to point out the lack of evidence the police officers used to judge me as intoxicated (they did not have a portable breath test, and I refused to submit to an Intoxilyzer test at the police station). We won the case in Superior Court, after the jury had deliberated for only five minutes. During the trial, Mr. Vanderweert quizzed the police officers on their knowledge of NHTSA guidelines for detecting intoxication (they didn't know their facts). He also pointed out that their spoken testimony during trial had changed from the written narrative that was produced at the scene of my arrest. He made a point to repeat the evidence that the prosecution did not provide (BAC, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, aggression). 
    Mr. Vanderweert is a very honest, trustworthy, and intelligent person. He has a great personality, and was able to cheer me up during stressful court sessions. I strongly recommend hiring Mr. Vanderweert for any driving/ DUI violations in the Triangle.

  3. Very pleased with this attorney.

    Posted by a DUI client,  Flag

    Charged with a DUI. Before hiring a attorney I tried to do my 'due diligence' in selecting the best representation. I spoke to a number of attorneys on the phone and in person. I ultimately selected Mr. Vanderweet. I chose him because 1) he had a lot of experience, 2) he took a lot of time to give me helpful advice before I hired him 3) I never felt like he was giving me the hard sell, unlike most others I spoke to. 

    I was happy with what I got. He was very patient with the process and I didn't feel like he was pushing for any resolution just so he could move on to the next client. Did'nt immediately start talking about pleading guilty etc but rather discussed at length my defenses and how they might apply in my fact pattern. Seemed to actually THINK about my case and also seemed to take a personal interest in it as if it were his. 

    Unfortunately, I'd gone through this same process 6 years ago with another lawyer. In that instance I felt rushed or ignored, depending on the day. If I learned anything then, it was to think long and hard about who I would hire because its a long and often difficult process and the attorney you hire can make a huge difference in so many ways. 

    This time around I threw out all the solicitation letters (didn't get one from him, which I thought was a plus) and put some effort into my selection. I ultimately hired Mr. Vanderweet because 1) He took the time to give me a full explanation of my options PRIOR to me hiring him, 2) the information he did give me was very helpful and seemed ro come without strings attached 3) He was very knowledgable about DUI law and obviously understood it 4) he didn't give me a hard sell and 5) he seemed genuinely interested. 

    I had refused to give a breath test. Most other attorneys I spoke to seemed to think this wasn't in my favor. Many of them spoke about potential plea agreements during my initial talk with them. I found this odd, as it seemed to me that a lack of breath test would make it very hard for the DA to prove the case. I found it refreshing that Mr. Vanderweet stated that he NEVER pleaded a case where there was no breath test and told me if I wanted to plead guilty I could do it myself. Refreshing advice. 

    With no breath test, the issue came down to the polices' subjective evaluation of my impairment. Me. Vanderweet did what I thought was a great job of undermining the officer's opinion by pointing out the various evidence that equally pointed to my LACK of impairment. We went through the tests with the officer in great detail, using their own training manual to show where the officer dkdn't follow his training. Ultimately I think we proved to the Judge that the officer had formed an opinion about me before he had all the facts and that he had a preconcieved notion of my guilt from the start. my defense was exceptionally well done, and I am very grateful.

  4. Best of the Best

    Posted by a DUI client,  Flag

    My Vanderweet won my case in Raleigh. He knew what he was doing. He's an excellent lawyer. HIGHLY recommended to anyone who needs a tough lawyer who will work for you.

  5. DWI Attorney recommendation

    Posted by a DUI client,  Flag

    Recommendation: Tim Vanderweert – The best 
    I was charge with a DWI in one of the notorious corridors, outside of Raleigh. I cannot give you my name or the city, as I don’t want to become a victim, again, of this aggressive police force. There are many factors that affect the outcome of a DWI/DUI case, there are no guarantees that your case will be like mine, however, you should always hire the best attorney possible. I write this not to propagate drunk driving, but rather to check aggressive police enforcement. If you are drunk and impaired, you should not be on the road driving, we all agree on that. My attorney, Tim Vanderweert, specializes in DWI cases, is one of the best. I found him on the internet and he was the highest rate and I want to keep him there. Although it took 9 months, he just had my case thrown out of court, a very big win, better than not guilty. I cannot say enough about Tim V. If you need DWI attorney, I would highly recommend him. 
    Power to the people!

  6. Knowlegeable and affordable

    Posted by Adam, a DUI client,  Flag

    I retained Attorney Vanderweert for an old DWI case in which I had moved out of state and failed to appear in court for. Attorney Vanderweert spent ample time speaking with me about my case and preparing for court. Attorney Vanderweert fought hard to achieve the best possible outcome on my case and he is very familiar with the Wake County court system. I would recommend him for any traffic/dwi matters.

  7. Excellent DWI Attorney

    Posted by Stevn, a DUI client,  Flag

    Mr. Vanderweert specializes in DWI defense. I was very happy with his services. He knew the law, knew the courts, knew which judges would give me a good hearing. He didnt rush me through the process but took his time to do the best he could. He kept me informed about the process and made sure I understood what was happening. I would recommend him witout hesitation. Very happy.

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